Exec Board

Mustafa Hussain
4th Year Computer Science Major

Hi everyone, my name is Mustafa, and I’ll be your president this year! We’ve all probably had a rough time this past year and a half, and I can’t wait to hopefully revitalize our collective stabbing spirit in person. I’ve been a foil fencer and a referee for a few years now, and when I’m not doing that I’ll probably be playing violin, video games, or anything that helps me procrastinate my CS projects. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get back to fencing!

Katie Taylor
4rd Year Chemical Engineering Major

Hey everyone! I’m Katie aka Vice President aka Spirit Captain! I have been fencing since freshman year in sabre. I love the club’s atmosphere and all the great friends I’ve made. When I’m not fencing, you can find me researching in the lab, baking, or painting. Feel free to reach out with any questions about anything. I love YJFC and hope you do too! 🙂

Raymond Copeland
4th Year Physics Major

Hello! I am Raymond Copeland and the captain of YJFC this year. I manage the fencing part of the fencing club (so long as they let me.) I have been with the epee part of the club since my freshmen year as the sport just captivated me. I am going into my 4th and final year of a physics degree, but I also enjoy board games, video games, bible studies, and getting to know all of you! Please feel free to reach out for anything anytime!

Xander Goebel
3rd Year Computer Science Major

Hello! I’m Xander, your treasurer! I’ve been fencing foil here since I started at Tech. Outside of fencing, I’m reading, playing DnD, or playing video games (currently starting Baldur’s Gate 3 & the Dark Souls franchise). Feel free to out on Slack for fencing questions or whatever other fun/nerdy questions you might have!

Brigid Millette
3rd Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Brigid, and I am your secretary for this year! That means I’ll be writing and sending out the newsletter emails that you should read (or else I’ll come for your kneecaps). I’ve been with YJFC since freshman year, and it’s been a wonderful time! Outside of fencing you can find me partaking in a variety of nerdy hobbies, like D&D, cosplaying, and playing video games instead of sleeping. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, and I’m looking forward to this year!

Committee Chairs

Jacob Webb
4th year Aerospace Engineering Major

Hi everyone! My name is Jacob Webb, and I’m a tournament committee chair and foil squad Leader. I’ve been fencing for 10 years now. If have any questions about fencing, how tournaments work, or general questions about Georgia Tech, let me know. My hobbies outside of fencing are playing video games (Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee especially), watching shows, and hanging out with friends. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Sana Hafeez
3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Major

Hey! I’m Sana and I’ll be your social chair this year. As we come back to being in person, the team will have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other in and out of practice. I started fencing my freshman year and I’ve had such a great time getting to know everyone. When I’m not at YJFC, you’ll probably find me doing embroidery, baking, or working on robots!

Veronika Maragulova
4th Year Computer Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Veronika, and I’m your Public Relations (PR) Chair. I manage our website, merch, facebook, instagram, fundraisers and volunteering opportunities for this year. Believe me, you’ll see me a lot! You can always recognize me by my Russian accent! I am a member of the sabre squad since my freshman year, and I loved it since then. Outside of fencing, you could probably find me at the Hive makerspace where I am a peer instructor. I am looking forward to see everyone!

Joseph Andress
4rd Year Physics & Mathematics Major

Salutations! I’m Joseph, your head armorer this year, so I’m the guy you see when your weapon or cords inevitably give out. I’ve been fencing for two years because I realized I needed something social/productive to keep me from being sad and lonely. When I’m not fencing, you can find me doing the D&D or messing with spreadsheets (or, when I’m really lucky, both). I’m not a great fencer, but if anyone has any questions about armory or my academics, let me know!

Squad Leaders

Raymod Copeland
3rd Year Physics Major

Howdy, my name is Raymond Copeland. This is both my third year of fencing and my third year of college. I fell in love with this sport and the club the minute I got to Tech, and I really want to provide a space for new people to enjoy the sport and people as I have. You can always find me fencing, but when you cannot, I am either doing bio-physics related work or playing video games. Feel free to talk to me about anything!

Gabriel Chen
2nd year Computer Science Major

Hi, I’m Gabriel! I’m a sophomore Computer Science major and I’ll be one of your Épée squad leaders. I’ve been fencing competitively for eight years now, so feel free to ask me any questions regarding the sport. When I’m not stabbing my friends, you’ll probably find me either reading, playing video games, or playing guitar. If you ever have any questions, or just want to fence, just let me know!

Sam Khunger
3rd Year IT Management Major

Hello! I am Sam, one of the foil squad leaders this year. I am a third year BSBA student originally from Michigan. I’ve been fencing for around seven years now. Outside of fencing, I enjoy reading, hiking, and martial arts. Looking forward to meeting and working with everyone this year!e

Bin(Parker) Qi
3th Year Computer Engineering Major

Hi. I am Parker, your saber squad leader this year. I started fencing saber in high school and joined YJFC for 2 years.
Besides fencing, I am also a big fan of tennis and board games. Hopefully, we all going to have a blast this school year.

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