Exec Board

President: Brigid Millette
4th Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Brigid, and I am this year’s president! I’ve been with YJFC since freshman year, and it’s been a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to another great year! I’ve been a foil fencer for several years, and just recently got referee certified. Outside of fencing, you can find me partaking in a variety of nerdy hobbies, like D&D, cosplaying, and playing video games instead of sleeping. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

Vice-President: Thomas Bruner
5th Year Mechanical Engineering Major

Hi! I’m Thomas your club VP for the year! I’ve been with YJFC throughout my time at Tech, have been a sabre fencer for five years, and was voted club mom at our end of the year social. I try to look out for the club as well as all our fencers and am looking forward to the exciting year of stabbing ahead. If you ever want to ask questions feel free to come talk to me (I’m the tall disgruntled looking exec member, you literally can’t miss me)! Outside of fencing I also do boxing, gaming (video and board), and occasionally enjoy the Atlanta night life. I can’t wait to meet all of our new fencers, hopefully we will see you at practice!

Team Captain: Rachel Rigsbee
4th Year Environmental Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Rachel Rigsbee and I am happy to be your captain this year! I have been fencing epee for about 8 years and have fenced for several clubs including YJFC in the southeast. My responsibilities include running practice and making the team an encouraging place for improving your abilities as a fencer and growing as a person. If you ever have any questions about GT in general or fencing feel free to reach out to me:)!  Outside of fencing, I enjoy playing guitar in a local band, hiking and writing.

Treasurer: Eemil Harkonen
4th Year Mechanical Engineering Major

Hello! I am Eemil, your treasurer! I have fenced sabre for a year now and am excited for another year with the sabre squad! I will be in charge of all things money. Whether it is making sure everyone pays dues, or acquiring funding from the school for travel tournaments, you will probably hear from me a lot. Outside of fencing I enjoy hobbies like, board games, video games, D&D, and watching movies. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or come talk to me at practice!

Secretary: Phoenix Cross
2nd Year International Affairs Major

Hello! I’m Phoenix Cross (they/he), and I am the club secretary! I am a second-year International Affairs and Modern Languages major with a concentration in Japanese, and I started fencing as a first-year. I mostly fence sabre, but I am starting to branch out into epee. When I’m not fencing, working, or studying, you can find me writing, playing video games or TTRPGs, or making digital or traditional art. I look forward to meeting you all! Remember to read your newsletters!

Committee Chairs

Tamara Bowman
2nd Year Material Science Major

Howdy, my name’s Tamara and I am your tournament committee chair! I’ve been with the fencing club since freshman year. I fenced epee for 4 years before college and have now been fencing sabre for most of my time here (heresy, I know). I am a certified referee and like to referee at both local and regional events. Outside of fencing, I like to figure skate, watch anime and play video games. If you have any questions relating to the tournament committee (like wanting to join) or anything else, feel free to reach out to me through slack or wandering up to me at practice!

Xander Goebel
4th Year Computer Science Major

Hello! I’m Xander, your Social Committee Chair! I’ve been fencing foil here since I started at Tech. Outside of fencing, I’m reading, playing DnD, or playing video games (currently starting Baldur’s Gate 3 & the Dark Souls franchise). Feel free to out on Slack for fencing questions or whatever other fun/nerdy questions you might have!

Eli Black
2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Major

Hey, I’m Eli! I’m one half of the PR Committee Chair, and I’m mainly responsible for recruiting, fundraisers, and merch. I started fencing at Tech my first year, and am looking forward to helping out the club! My main hobbies are video games, reading, hiking, and building legos! If you need anything, just reach out to me!

Lindsey Chiu
2nd Year Aerospace Engineering Major

Hey!! I’m Lindsey and I’m the more interesting half of the PR committee chair! I’m responsible for managing the club’s social media and alumni engagement. I fenced for a few years in middle school and rejoined in college. My hobbies include guitar playing, collecting plants, and competitive napping. Please feel free to reach and follow us on our Insta.

Meghan Markert
4th Year Civil Engineering Major

Hey, my name is Meghan and I am the armory chair. I am responsible for fixing any broken equipment and making sure our armory stays clean and organized. It’s my second year here at Tech, as well as my second year fencing. Outside of fencing, you can find me doing just about anything. I’m always down to try new things. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about armory or have a fun activity for me to try!

Squad Leaders

Conor Lenahan

Hey everyone! I’m Conor, and I am one of the epee squad leaders, along with Josh. I am responsible for organizing and leading the epee weapon group practices. I started fencing during my freshman year of high school and have stuck with it to now, so about 7 years worth. Outside of this club, I’m involved with Engineers Without Borders, and I am always trying to find new movies to watch. Feel free to ask me questions about fencing or life at Georgia Tech. I’m looking to getting to know you all!

Joshua Ng
4th Year Computer Science Major

Hey! I’m Joshua, and I am one of the epee squad leader, along with Connor. I am responsible for organizing and leading the epee weapon group practices. My interest in fencing started in my freshman year of high school, and I have continued to this day. My hobbies include photography and fitness. Feel free to ask me questions about fencing in general, or any epee specific questions! Look forward to meeting you!

Jacob Webb
Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student

Hi everyone! My name is Jacob Webb, and I’m one of your foil squad Leaders. I’ve been fencing for 10 years now. If have any questions about fencing, how tournaments work, or general questions about Georgia Tech, let me know. My hobbies outside of fencing are playing video games (Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee especially), watching shows, and hanging out with friends. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Karthik Shaji
2nd Year Aerospace Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Karthik, and I am one of your Foil Squad Leaders! I’ve been fencing since middle school and continued into Tech. Outside of Fencing, you can find me doing robotics research, motorsports, or hacking away at projects and contraptions for my room. I’m also an avid philosophy lover, and if you want to chat/debate, feel free to reach out to me on Slack.

Archita Jayaram
2nd Year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Archita (Archi) and I am the sabre squad leader. This is my second year with YJFC, and I’ve been fencing since my freshman year of high school. I am excited to lead the sabre squad this year! Some of my hobbies include origami, cooking, and hiking. Looking forward to this upcoming year!

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