Exec Board

Jordan Hirsch
4th Year Computer Science Major

Hello! I’m Jordan, your president! That means I’m in charge of managing all the other people on this page. YJFC was the first club I joined when I got to GT, and they’ve become my family. So as president, I want to help ensure that all our fencers can feel that way too. Outside of official club business, you can probably catch me playing some kind of RPG, whether that’s D&D or videogames. Or maybe actually studying. Feel free to AMA!

Maddy Liotta
4th year Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies – Spanish Major

Hi all, I’m Maddy, and I’m your Vice President and one of your Armory Committee Chairs! I’ve been with YJFC since my freshman year, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I’m not fencing, I’m doing lots of linguistics research. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and I’m excited to get to know all of you and have a good year!

Russell McGrath
4th Year Mechanical Engineering Major

Hello! My name is Russell, and I’m your captain and épée squad leader. I’m a fourth-year mechanical engineering major and I’ve been fencing for 5 years. Prior to fencing, I did ballet for 6 years and tap dance for 12. Beyond athletics, I also enjoy cooking, funk music, and tea. If you’ve got any questions, fencing-related or otherwise, feel free to ask.

Johnathan Yu
3rd Year Computer Science Major

Hello! I’m Johnathan Yu, your treasurer! This will be my third year at Tech as well as my third year fencing Sabre.  Besides fencing, I like writing, playing or making video games, and making more cookies than I can reasonably eat. If you have any questions about the club or Tech, I’m always happy to help. I’m excited to meet all of you this year!

Crispin Gambill
2nd Year Aerospace Engineering Major

Howdy! I’m Crispin, and I’ll be the person sending you those emails that you definitely read each week. I’ve been fencing sabre since starting at Tech. Outside of fencing, I spend my time caving, reading, and jumping into puddles in the rain. I guess I’d say I’m interested in national parks, video games, gardening, tattoos, and vegan cooking. Come to me if you have any questions about the newsletter, or if you just want to chat.

Committee Chairs

Mustafa Hussain
3rd Year Computer Science Major

Hi there! I’m Mustafa Hussain, a third year CS major, your tournament committee chair and one of your foil squad leaders. I’ve been with the club for about three years now, and I’ve loved every second of it! When I’m not fencing, I’m usually playing violin, board games, smash bros, and whatever else my muddled quarantine brain can think to do. If my social skills haven’t deteriorated too badly at this point, feel free to ask me about Tech, fencing, or just life in general!

Katie Taylor
3rd Year Chemical Engineering Major

Hi! I’m Katie and your social committee chair for 2020-2021.  Yes, we will have social activities, even if they’re on Zoom.  I started fencing my freshman year and loved it!  In addition to fighting my friends with swords, I have met so many really great people.  When I’m not fencing, I play piano, research silicon nanowires, hang out with my friends, and bake.  Feel free to reach out with any questions about Tech, YJFC, and anything else!

Rowan Wolschleger
5th Year Aerospace Engineering Major

Hi! I’m Rowan, this year’s Public Relations Chair. You’ll probably see me a lot since I’m in charge of recruitment, merch, and social media! I started fencing my freshman year, and have stayed because this community has become such an important part of my life. Outside of fencing you can usually find me playing video games and making art, and I’m always available for advice! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Joseph Andress
3rd Year Physics & Mathematics Major

Salutations! I’m Joseph, your head armorer this year, so I’m the guy you see when your weapon or cords inevitably give out. I’ve been fencing for two years because I realized I needed something social/productive to keep me from being sad and lonely. When I’m not fencing, you can find me doing the D&D or messing with spreadsheets (or, when I’m really lucky, both). I’m not a great fencer, but if anyone has any questions about armory or my academics, let me know!

Squad Leaders

Raymod Copeland
3rd Year Physics Major

Howdy, my name is Raymond Copeland. This is both my third year of fencing and my third year of college. I fell in love with this sport and the club the minute I got to Tech, and I really want to provide a space for new people to enjoy the sport and people as I have. You can always find me fencing, but when you cannot, I am either doing bio-physics related work or playing video games. Feel free to talk to me about anything!

Aidan Labrozzi
2nd Year Environmental Engineering Major

Hello, I am Aidan Labrozzi. I am a sophomore Environmental Engineering major and one of the epee squad leaders this year. I have been fencing for seven years now. I started off as a foil fencer but switched to epee three years ago. I love mathematics and nature (hence my major). My hobbies include reading, Lego building, and worldbuilding. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding fencing.

Max “Rudy” Rudolph
Electrical & Computer Engineering Masters

Hi, I’m Rudy! I’m a first year Masters student in electrical and computer engineering. I am one of your foil squad leaders this year and I’m super excited! My love of the blade budded nearly 10 years ago while I was a dweeby middle schooler looking for something to do on Long Island. When I’m not studying the blade, I like to tickle the ivories, smack the fuzzies, and consume the dough. Looking forward to having each and everyone of you under my tutelage

Ian Graham
4th Year Electrical Engineering Major

Hi, I’m Ian, one of the sabre squad leaders. I started fencing in my Freshman year of college, making this my fourth year fencing. It’s my second year squad leading. In addition to fencing, I enjoy reading, making arts and crafts, and playing video games. I’m from Gwinnett, Georgia. If you have any questions about sabre, the YJFC, or Georgia Tech in general, please ask! I hope to see you at practice!

Jacob Tharayil
2nd Year Biomedical Engineering Major

Hello! I’m Jacob, and I’m one of your sabre squad leaders. I’m a second year biomedical engineering major originally from New Jersey, and I’ve been fencing sabre for around eight years. Outside of fencing, you’ll probably find me in lab, playing bass, writing, or attempting to cook. If you have any questions about fencing, research, or Georgia Tech in general, don’t hesitate to ask! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about fencing, Georgia Tech in general, or anything else I can help you with!

James Crowley
4th Year Computer Science Major

Hello, I’m James Crowley and I’m one of the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club’s sabre squad leaders. I have been fencing for 4 years now. I am also a CS Major, and in my free time I enjoy playing video games and cooking. I can’t wait for this year. I’m excited to pass on my experience and have a fun year of fencing with the club.

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